gailWe are a small, private, patient-centered primary care practice on Martha's Vineyard. Our mission is to be your health care provider as well as your personal health advocate.

Today’s health care system has become increasingly complex and difficult to navigate. We provide you with care that is accessible, friendly and tailored to your personal needs. Your visits will be unhurried, with the goal of answering your questions to your satisfaction. We assist you through all aspects of care, whether focusing on wellness and prevention, managing chronic conditions, or other health care concerns. Dr. Gail O’Brien is an experienced primary care provider, having practiced Internal Medicine for over 15 years. She spends quality time getting to know you and your approach to your own health. Depending on your needs and goals, she works with you to provide preventive care, diagnostic assessment, disease management and specialty referral coordination. She helps you find the best resources, including top specialists, physical therapists, massage therapists, and acupuncturists. Call us today for information on weight loss or primary care on the Island: 508.627.3600  


We have moved to a new location! 455 State Rd. Unit 11 Woodland Center, VIneyard Haven.